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Agency/ Division:      Worthington Travel Information Center

Classification Title:    Travel Counselor

Hours:             Part time seasonal position. Must be flexible and can work weekdays and weekends, hours will vary each week. 

Position Purpose:  This position exists to provide travel information services and to promote travel in Minnesota to the public and potential visitors to benefit the state’s economy

Reports to:                 Worthington Area Chamber/CVB Executive Director


  • Responsible for satisfying the needs of your customers by providing quality customer service and promotion of Minnesota destinations. You represent Explore Minnesota Tourism as well as the State of Minnesota.
  • Information and/or assistance that is provided in an appropriate and understandable manner with a courteous and professional approach. Such information/assistance is provided in a timely fashion and satisfies the needs of the customer.
  • Distribute printed information materials as needed to effectively promote destinations throughout Minnesota.
  • Maintain advanced knowledge of Minnesota including destination areas, geography, and highway map skills.
  • Promptly respond to voicemail and email messages with accurate information.
  • Read, review, and refer to the Welcome Centers Operation Manual for policies and procedures in order to provide better customer service.
  • Must be able to lift 25lbs.
  • Perform other duties as assigned to meet the needs required for maintaining an efficient operation and reaching the goals and objectives of the Chamber/CVB and TIC.


This position serves as a direct representative of the State of Minnesota to the traveling public.  It requires face-to-face contact with the traveling public but also includes contact through telephone and e-mail.  Diplomacy in public relations is a foremost consideration in working with the thousands of visitors each year, from all segments of society and world-wide locations.  It is important that courteous, competent assistance is afforded every visitor.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential as they apply to working with the traveling public visiting the Travel Information Center, as well as maintaining positive relationships with employees from other agencies involved in Travel Information Center operations. Problem solving and good judgment are imperative to success.

Interested parties may contact:

Mike Daley, [email protected], 507-372-2919

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