Tour #6 - Banks of Plum Creek



  • Walnut Grove
  • Marshall
  • Vesta
  • Lamberton
  • Sanborn
  • Morgan
  • Redwood Falls
  • Lucan
  • Wabasso
  • Belvie

Laura Ingalls Wilder, well known children's author wrote the book "On the Banks of Plum Creek" which depicts the life of early settlers on the prairie. Her books have preserved the pioneer spirit, which is portrayed in this historic region from sod houses and prairie to beauty of the Minnesota River valley.

Walnut Grove - Explore the childhood community of Laura Ingalls Wilder, visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, the Ingalls Homestead site and attend the outdoor Wilder Pageant in July that depicts the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder in Walnut Grove.

Lamberton - Shop at Upstairs/Downstairs Antique/Collectible business and visit the Lamberton House, historic restored home for an unique dining opportunity (by appointment).

Lucan - Visit the Depot Museum.

Wabasso - Local landmarks include a historic hotel and Knox Presbyterian Church Museum.

Marshall - Visit multiple museums and fine art exhibits. Close to beautiful Camden State Park.

Belview - Visit the Gimmestad Land and Loan Office, Odeon Hall, on National Register of Historic Places.

Redwood Falls - Ramsey Park spans 217 acres making it the largest municipal park in Minnesota. Highlights are waterfalls, hiking trails and zoo. Redwood Falls host the Inventors Congress. Lower Sioux Agency is located east of this community.

Sanborn - Visit the Sod House on the Prairie. Se the prairie as Laura knew it with prairie grasses, wildflowers, a log cabin, a dugout, and a soddy. Experience a Sod House B & B, just 20 miles east of Walnut Grove.

Morgan - Visit restored historic Gilfillan farm estate, which hosts Farmfest.