Tour #4 - Little Europe



  • Tyler
  • Lake Benton
  • Ivanhoe/Wilno
  • Hendricks
  • Arco
  • Holland

A visit to Europe? In Minnesota? Belgian, Danish, English, Icelandic, Norwegian and Polish ethnic sites and festivals await the visitor. From gardens to food tasting, the uniqueness of national origins is displayed.

Ivanhoe and Wilno - Beautiful English gardens. Icelandic Lutheran Church located at Lincoln County Pioneer Museum.

Tyler - Danish Danebod Church and folk school complex. Try the unique taste of aebleskiver (ball pancakes) at Aebleskiver Days. Schwanebeck Gardens, ethnic food and import shops.

Lake Benton - Visit the Lake Benton Opera House, renowned for performing arts. Hole in the Mountain Park and Prairie. Saddle Horse Holiday.

Arco - Scenic rock statues. Stone-face working gas station. Creations begun in 1936 by H. P. Pederson, all in miniature, include Statue of Liberty, at Anderson Park on Lake Stay, 1 mile east of Arco.

Lake Benton and Holland - "Prairie Daisies" have sprouted on the crest of Buffalo Ridge. Seventy-three wind turbines generating electricity "spin" on the landscape providing electricity to metro areas. This wind plant is the second largest in the United States. Construction of more turbines are planned for the future. Technical information can be obtained at the Lake Benton Chamber of Commerce 507-368-9577