Tour #3 - Native Lands



  • Pipestone
  • Ihlen
  • Jasper
  • Luverne
  • Beaver Creek

Native Americans have regarded the pipestone (catlinite) quarries of Southwest Minnesota as a sacred place for thousands of years. The Pipestone National Monument preserves the sacred red stone, where Native Americans still carve the pipestone into ceremonial pipes and other craft items.

Many cities in this area have large, beautiful buildings of Sioux quartzite quarried near Pipestone and Jasper.

Jasper - Active quartzite quarry. Video describing quarrying can be viewed at Jasper Historic Museum, 102 E. Wall Street. Tours given Saturday morning of Jasper's Quarry Festival.

Pipestone - Pipestone National Monument. Longfellow's "Song of Hiawatha" Pageant is presented here each summer. Traditional Native American designs and items at Upper Midwest Indian Cultural Center.

Luverne - Hiking trails and large buffalo herd at Blue Mounds State Park. Annual Buffalo Days & Auction. Tour many historical buildings.