Love INC Seeking Incentives for Students

Some of you loved going to school and some you rejoiced greatly when the mandatory schooling years were over. All of the people we're helping through Love INC fall in those two categories too. So to encourage the latter group to start and finish classes intended to set them on a new, healthy path, we would like your help.

We are telling our students that their time doing homework and attending class is worth money. The money they receive is actually incentive credits that can be used to redeem for goods and services. We need businesses, organizations, and individuals to donate their businesses' services or products. If your business or group doesn't have a service or product to donate, we can always use gas or grocery cards. The smaller the increment on the cards, the more we can give to different students.

Please help us help our neighbors who are trying to improve their lives by joining one of our classes. Make your donation by dropping it at the Love INC Office or mailing it to PO BOX 952. For more information please call 5073727.7291.