Sofia Talvik at NC Art Center

Thu 9/27/2018

Sofia Talviks music has a special tint of her Scandinavian heritage, making her a favorite among music lovers. A North Sea siren blending sparkle and melancholy. She is a veteran performer with 6 full length albums as well as numerous EPs, singles and tours behind her.

She's an international performer who tours both Europe and USA every year. Her songs and stage presence sets the stage for an intimate relationship with the audience - a unique, beautiful and warm evening of live music and heartfelt stories.

She has been compared with giants like Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins, as well as fellow Swedes "First Aid Kit", but has her own raw quality, a down to earth sound that makes her brilliant songwriting skills shimmer even more. She doesn’t have to hide behind the sounds, her songs and performance speaks for themselves.

Her latest album "Big Sky Country" was inpired by a USA-tour that lasted 16 month and took her trough 37 states (in an old RV). ”Big Sky Country” is closer to Roots & Americana, but her Scandinavian heritage gives it a unique sound. The adventure on the road spurred a lot of emotions, both those of triumph and joy, but also those of self doubt and defeat - all of which found their way into the songs. Living like a musical nomad, moving from place to place, slowly but steadily building her audience through her heartfelt and personal performances she got to experience the USA in a way few people do. The people she met opened their homes and hearts to her and some of them even made it into her songs.

"Even though this young lady is from Sweden, I’d place her at the forefront of the American vanguard. One listen will tell you why and how." - PopDose

"A singer/songwriter who is able to evoke the essence of Laurel Canyon circa the ’60s." - NoDepression


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Nobles County Art Center
407 12th Street
Worthington, Minnesota 56187
United States