City Scene


Downtown: Quaint lighting, comfortable benches and decorative columns give ambiance for the wide variety of unique shops found downtown. Sanford Medical Center is located here, as are legal offices, drugstore and financial service establishments. Home furnishings, gifts, clothing, sporting goods, ethnic shops and eating establishments give a truly unique shopping experience.

Oxford Street: Paralleling I-90 from each exit to the city, retail, financial, office supply, auto sales, service, ag fleet/farm store, farm impliments, hotels, and convenience stores are found on both sides of this busy thoroughfare. 

North Humiston: At exit 43 from I-90 this street leads to Oxford Street. It houses hotels, eating establishments, gas and convenience stations.

Ryan's Road - North McMillan:  This street intersects with North Humiston. Nationally known retail stores are located here with furniture, financial, gifts, jewelry, clothing, health care, fleet/farm store, communication, sporting goods and eating establishments. 

The Beltline: Stretching along the east and south Hwy 59/60 corridor is a succession of retail businesses. Lumber/building supplies, farm implements, agriculture parts/salvage and scrap metal/steel sales can be easily accessed.